Thursday, 27 March 2014

Garance Dore Store: Mini Wishlist

My favourite blogger/blog ever, Garance Dore, has just released her line of stationary and c'est magnifique! I have always admired her prints and her style of blog - you should definitely go check it out, I've never read anyone who feels so relaxed and effervescent. I want to be friends with her. If I lived in New York I would definitely go and fan girl at her launch. But instead all I can do is look at her shop and fantasize and make a mini wish list because, really, I could buy everything and be so happy (She's even selling her signature white jeans! Ha ha so good!):
(Clockwise from top left)
The One illustration - $40
Early Winter print - $40

Psych Out

Take me to Austin Psych Fest! Psychedelic music is my study/work/thinking music. I totally lose my mind and get carried away with my thoughts which is exactly what this playlist is doing for me today. Working hard, feeling groovy y'all!

Also add me on 8tracks! 8tracks is the coolest 'cause it's basically radio if you got to be choosy. You can search any artist or mood (like "chill" or "walking") and playlists will come up that match those tags. There's no ads but that means a few rules: you can only play the same playlist 2/3 times in a day, can't skip more than 2 songs in a mix, and can't have more than 2 songs from the same artist (which a lot of users seem to get around anyway). Check out my liked playlists and have the chillest/musically matched day ever.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Inspiration: Orchid Theif


I was so excited after seeing these beautiful orchids on Ordinary Life blog. Orchids are such majestic and statuesque flowers (plus Adaptation is a crazy good movie). There are so many different varieties and colours that make them even more interesting. I'm thinking of getting a ~$25 ones from the supermarket. Oops, am I suppose to say I bought them from a flower market? 'Cause I do not have the cash for that luxury like A Pair & A Spare, who did a guide to buying fresh flowers from farmers markets.

The advice still applies to store bought flowers and is super similar to my own advice (especially when it comes to white lilies); make sure most of the buds are closed so you get to see your flowers blossom and last up to 2 weeks. Remember to strip the pollen or else it will stain everything. Add a little sugar to the water to keep them healthy (sugar is what you get in those little sachets called "flower food") and remove the dead flowers so they don't ruin the other flowers and/or smell out the room. (Dead flower water is blergh.)

I wonder where supermarkets get their flowers from? My local Woolies has even started selling ferns, herbs and flower seedlings. I think it's awesome but hope they aren't using a shitload of chemicals etc.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Me, March 23

Reading: A Spy in the House of Love - Anais Nin & magazines(!!)
Watching: Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel & Workaholics
Listening: Beyonce & Foxygen
Loving: Moving!

I always want to talk about that feeling of optimism that happens when moving. It reminds me of being on a holiday and feeling excited because the space you're enter to live, you know you're going to leave. There's no time to get comfortable within a space, therefore you can only be comfortable with yourself. It reflects the changes of character better than coming to and from the exact same place for looong periods of time. That drives me crazy.

Actually it was driving us crazy. Along with the difficulty of living in a share house when you're a bit of a neat/control freak, two wanderlust kids stuck in the same place was getting us way down. This move comes at the perfect time; we saved the exact amount needed for the downpayment, we're both so ready for change, and we're both ready to kick our butts into gear and work hard for what we want.

The photos above are from my phone using a fisheye app. I love the fisheye lens and, trust me, you're going to see a lot more of it. The bottom two photos are pretty much all the outside-ness I can get at my house now. The absolute best part of moving is knowing that I'm going to have a private outdoor space plus a huge park down the street - Nature! Plants! Green! Bliss! I'm so excited and so excited to share it with you soon.
Love, Claire

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Inspiration: Remain in Love

Be an artist of consciousness. Your picture of reality is your most important creation. Make it powerfully profoundly beautiful.
~ Alex Gray 

Feeling very productive this Saturday. Moving has instilled that sense of change which noticeably lifts my mood in everything. A change is happening and I am have the energy wrangle it into the form I want.
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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Linked: Moving Home

Garance Dore

I’m moving out soon into a place of my own and I’m getting so excited about making it a beautiful, creative place to live. RIght now I live in a share house. My bedroom is decked out but the rest of the house is kinda hard to decorate when your housemates have different tastes. I’ve found a couple of cool projects and tips I want to try when I move and get that fresh feeling back. You gotta be fresh.
oh lovely’s friday DIY round up, especially the bowls and cactus tray. How long til my first pinterest fail?
Mini flower and herb arrangements that might inspire me to keep my herbs alive and pick any pretty flowers I find during my day. 
whatthefuckshouldimakefordinner when I have no ideas and wherethefuckshouldigotoeat when I give up. 
~ BONUS: Do What You Love is a phrase I’ve been thinking about a lot recently, and it seems like coincidences collide again in this post with advice about my other anxiety, how to know what you love first.